Venture funds as a source of investment for Ukrainian startups
The main infrastructure of the Ukrainian venture market is mainly concentrated around business accelerators. A business project needs to show profitability or seek capital in other markets in order to receive large funds. If the startup team is ripe for scaling up its project, then it is worth looking for funds for its development in the relevant market.

The venture industry in the world is developing quite rapidly, the number of technology companies in which you can invest is increasing, and at the same time, the volume of funds is growing.

To understand which business projects to invest in, you need to understand the logic of the development of online solutions. The most difficult and competitive are those areas that have long appeared. These products help solve problems often faced by the user.

In Western Europe and America, venture capital funds have a lot of money, so funds even compete for the best business projects. Companies that make quality products and build fundraising campaigns correctly attract money in their projects in less than a month.

To successfully invest while in Ukraine, you must either look at Ukrainian startups or work with a fund that already has a large investment portfolio of foreign companies.

There are several ways to become an investor in Ukraine: look for projects in your industry or become an active angelic investor, and also, as an option, invest through global platforms.

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