Legal support of investment transactions
Investment transactions are becoming more common. Of course, the investor is in search of projects that differ in attractive conditions, as well as prospects, in order to profit from this in the future. And an important factor in successful investment is the competent support of investment transactions. Of course, any investment, along with the possibility of making a profit as a result, is associated with risks. That is why it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the selection of a project in which the investor will continue to invest.

At the preparation stage, it is necessary to collect information, perform appropriate calculations, with the help of which the possible profit is determined. Attracting professionals in the field of investment law will help minimize risks when signing an agreement. Let's take a look together, which includes the concept of "legal protection of investments".

Firstly, it is the development of an investment program and the formation of an appropriate package of legal documents, including the formation of criteria for selecting investors based on market analysis.

Secondly, this is, directly, the promotion of the project, taking into account the choice of region for entrepreneurship, legal support of contracts, the creation of a legal entity, including the solution of issues of hiring personnel, advice on the selection of equipment, as well as issues related to environmental protection, fire and health safety.

Thirdly, this is the formation of a corporate structure, legal examination of the legal status of acquired assets, the solution of tax issues with the choice of the optimal taxation system and reduction of tax risks, the settlement of litigation.

The British venture business accelerator "EX1P" provides legal support for investments at all levels, which allows minimizing the number of risks when entering a share or purchasing a business project, thanks to a correctly drawn up investment activity scheme.

At all these stages of concluding an investment transaction - pre-investment, investment and operational - the EX1P business accelerator guarantees the legal purity of documents and the preservation of trade secrets. Our specialists have the appropriate knowledge and skills in the field of concluding investment transactions, and are well-versed in international law, which allows us to give comprehensive advice to investors at all stages of cooperation support.

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