Due diligence: why startups need comprehensive expertise
SION Patent Law Firm, as part of a joint project with the British venture business accelerator EX1P, provides a comprehensive service due diligence of startup.

Due diligence is the verification of audited accounts, management reports, patent searches, recommendations and a track record and any other information and / or documents necessary to make a decision on investments or control their use.

In addition, this includes the negotiation process on the intentions of investing a startup, which includes the development of agreements on intentions, on the volume and structure of investments, obligations and remedies, precautions for the investor, and on the stages that need to be passed during the process comprehensive examination of a startup. ⠀

The amount of expert workload depends on the startup business, the stage of its development and the number of team members. This examination is carried out with the aim of identifying and analyzing the risks of profitability, achieving a breakeven deadline for a startup. This is a systematic approach, which includes the study of a number of factors, starting with an analysis of the personality of a startup leader, and ending with an analysis of the areas of activity of a startup.

Due diligence of startup customers can be both investors and innovators.

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